Using download widget on mobile causes server action to trigger

Hi all-

I am using platform version 11.9 with the development 11.8.8

I am having an issue with the upload widget.  When the "On change" is used it triggers a server event.

Am I missing something here?



Hi Andrew,

Sorry, I'm unable to understand the mentioned case, could you please specify what type of server event got triggered on the Upload widget OnChange ??


Benjith Sam


The SyncOut-Photoss is triggered

Hi Andrew,

What I see you on the OML you shared is when the user presses the Save button, you are calling the TriggerOfflineDataSync:

This will trigger the synchronization to run on the background - the action OfflineDataSync - which in your code will call SyncLocalOut-Photoss:


That's why it is syncing.



Hi Andrew,

In addition with João's note..

I observed that all the OfflineDataSyncConfiguration parameters are set to True (refer -> OfflineDataSyncConfiguration client action under Logic Tab)

i.e. In each and every event -> SyncOnLogin, SyncOnOnline, SyncOnResume, RetryOnError, the OfflineDataSync Client action will executes and the follow up action flow will trigger/call the SyncOut_Photoss Server action defined in the SyncLocalOut_Photoss client action

In order to check the auto sync call in various events mentioned in the above point -> Define an Message action flow node in the Common\OfflineDataSyncEvents\OnSync block client action and you will observe this feedback message displayed, whenever the OfflineDataSync configured events gets trigged..

OfflineDataSyncEvents Block Description Note: Used in Layout and Layout Blank, handles the synchronization requests and triggers the synchronization events.

OnSync Action Description Note: Action that executes 'OfflineDataSync' when any asynchronous trigger points are enabled in the 'OfflineDataSyncConfiguration' or when the synchronization is manually triggered.

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam