Firebase deep linking - mobile

Hello all,

We implemented push notifications using firebase successfully but deep linking is not working.

When I click on notification, app is launching and redirecting to home page but not redirecting to specific screen which I gave as a deep link screen.

using below pattern I try to navigate the screen.


App MABS Version - 6.2

Can you please let me know if you have any solutions.

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Hello Asif,

Look this link, and make sure your screen / link does not need input parameters.

you may find the solution at this link, or look this post about topic.


Hello Asif,

As Agno pointed the documentation might help.

One of the main causes normally is that the app identifier needs to be all lowercase.

Make sure your app id is in this format.

The error happens in both, iOS and Android? Or just one of them?

Cheers and Regards,

RR :)

Hi Agno,

I don't have any input parameters in screen and I followed the same link but deep linking is not working,

If you have sample oml file can you please attach here, it will helpful for me.



Hello guys,

As per documentation I implemented firebase push notification in mobile app.But I have an issue with deep linking.

Typically here we have two scenarios:

1))App is closed(Even not running in background)

2)App is running in background

In case 1 When we click on notification I am successfully able to redirect to specific screen.

In case 2 when I click on notification I am not able to redirect to specific screen.

Here I am using OpenNotification Client which returns true if we have notification otherwise it will return false.

Based on OpenNotification output, conditionally I am redirecting to screens.

This OpenNotification is not working if the app is running in background and it returns false even if we have notification.

If you have any solution on 2 scenario please suggest me.