[OutSystems Charts] [Reactive] Export HighCharts 
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Published on 07 Sep 2020

I am trying to enable exporting for some charts, but am unable to do so despite following instructions in other forum posts.

The steps I'm currently taking:

  • Add exporting.js to my Scripts folder and add it to the screen's required scripts

  • Create an OnInitialize event and assign the AdvancedFormat variable to allow exporting.

  • Assign the AdvancedFormat var to the chart.

Despite doing all this, the hamburger icon for the export options never appears. I'm quite stuck and would appreciate any help.

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Hi Kazymir Rabier

Which forum post have you read to export data? Can you mention link here ? 

Have you go through this post ? Look at this component too, they performing same in traditional using js. It may work in reactive too.

Hope this help.

Thanks and regards,

Rahul Kr.

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Hi Kazymir Rabier,

Can you please confirm that you've added the exporting.js file with version 6.1.4?

Just in case, I've created a sample that contains the export feature working.


Let me know if you need anything else.


Thanks @Gabriel Lundgren Your ideas got work. Cheers. 

Take care.