Hello. I saw "OutSystems.Style.Guide-4.2.16" but did not find the example of using tabs_clientside. Can anyone help me?

Hi Diana,

You can take a look into the Help.Help_StyleGuideOverview web page to see an example of it's usage. Also check the widget description:
Displays containers using tabs.
Put the this web block inside a container (.Tabs_Wrapper) together with other containers (.Tabs_TabBody).
Their title extended properties will show in tab caption. (Append to your CSS ".Tabs_Wrapper {} .Tabs_TabBody {}")

Tiago Simões
Here are a couple of things I found out:
  • The tabs_clientside web block needs to be in the container with the class "Tabs_Wrapper" ... this makes allows the tabs to be refreshed correctly.
  • Each of the containers within this wrapper need to have an additional attribute called "title" which is the title of your tab.  Make sure each one has the Tabs_TabBody class.
I've found the solution to that intended. thanks for the clarification.
I am a newbie and can't figure out where the "title extended property" is?  I keep getting an error that say at least one tab must be defined.  Any help is welcomed.
Tony -

Click on the item in question, you'll see in the properties area on the bottom right part of the screen an empty list for "Extended Properties". Type the name of the proerty you want to work with, and then the volue.