Displaying list of current user's form

So i have a application form where you can send in forms. I want to list all the forms the current user has filled in and send. So the current user will see a list of his/her filled in forms. I used a filter on fetched data, but when i use another e-mail than you see on the screenshot it does not show the form of that e-mail. Also when i login with a different account (with different email) it still shows the list of the email you see on the screenshot. How can i solve this?

so even if a login with different account, i only see the forms filled in by the email above on the screenshot

This is the filter:


Hi Samed,

I guess you missed to define the Filter condition in the GetUsers Aggregate as shown below

In order to get the current Logged in User Record detail from the Users Entity, you will have to define a Filter condition under the Aggregate Filters Tab section

User.Id = GetUserId()

GetUserId() - Built-in function to get the Logged In User Id value

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam


Hi, friend.

Change the filter from 'email' to 'id' and compare with the 'GetUSerId()' method.

Best regards.