Unable to send multiple input parameters to REST API Consume method

I have set up a REST API Consume method to call an external API, passing in some values in JSON format:

All the input parameters passed into the method are to be sent in the body, which I have implemented:

REST API Method Configuration:

This is the error with the Request Format:

Required Input Parameter : 'PostExample' method requires an input parameter with 'Structure' or 'List' data type and the Send In property set to 'Body'. Add an input parameter, or change the method's format request.

When I have a single input parameter of type Text List, there are no errors. However, the 'list1' and 'list2' input parameters shown above are text lists themselves, which should show as arrays in the JSON request body. This is not possible with having just one Text List input parameter to the REST Method.

How can I include multiple input parameters to the method with the above configurations?


Hi there,

You need to create a structure like on the image below (right click on web service):

You fill in your parameters:

And then you can set an input of the type of the structure you created:

Hope it helps.

Let me know how it goes for you.




Hi João,

Your solution works, thank you! I was trying to find a way to have the input type as a structure, but wasn't able to find it earlier.

Thanks and Regards.