LDAP authentication error


First situation:

We had configurated LDAP following the instructions https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Developing_an_Application/Secure_the_Application/End_User_Management/End_Users_Authentication/Configure_LDAP_Authentication,

We use AD credentials not standard LDAP.

If we configure cn=users,dc=example,dc=com:




don't works, giving the error "Unknown error (0x80005000)"

If we configure dc=example,dc=com:





So we are using the last configuration, but we got one more situation, some users can't login because retrieve the error "The supplied credential is invalid."

And if we try login with that user in the old system we can.

Second situation:

We just can syncronize users after login, so need one bye one, make the login in order to sync to Outsystems, can we sync all users like a import from LDAP?

Someone can help us?

Thank you.

Best regards,

Tiago Alves

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Hey Tiago,

See if this link about the error you are getting help in some way, is possible to troubleshoot like Microsoft is suggesting?

About the synchronization...
Take a look at this component, it helps to import users in bulk operations

Cheers and regards,

RR :)

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That didn't solve the problem.

We have some users that can login without problems, other can't, so the configuration is not the problem, something specific is happening and we don't know yet, also we have ticket openned and still be hard to find the problem.

Thank you