I have two difficultes with adding attributes on entity when the application is running.

I have an application with just one entity (for example). During of application execution i will detect that i need to add more attributes in entity.
How do i do it? is there an option to do it?
In my application i import excel sheets and i have to create entity based on these tables or i have possibility to create entities before public application but after to public and run application, i have to add attributes based on excel sheets.
Is it possible? how?

thanks our attention

as far as I know there is no option to add attributes dynamically, since it's a database entity.

If you really really want such a thing, because of the design you should do something like this.

your normal Entity, with some mandatory attributes

an attribute key - entity
Name - name of the attribute

an attribute-entity,

This way you can add as many attributes on items as you want, with also some integrity kept.

I would not recommend it, but it's possible and perhaps even handy in certain apps.

about your second question.
I have no idea what you mean. please explain it a little bit further.
I'll explain a little more the second question.

In Service Studio i have an option that automatically create entities from an excel file, but that's in OutSystem environment, what I want to know is if it's possible to do such thing in run-time.

For example: I create an application that import a excel file and after reading the file, the application creates the entities with the attributes based on the file.

Perhaps it can be done with my suggestion and some extension, but otherwise No.

what I'm reading is that you want to create a web-app that creates runtime a webapp for you, based on an excel ?