[SQL Sandbox] Timeout of 2 minutes
Forge component by Leonardo Fernandes
Published on 24 Aug 2020

Since we upgraded to Platform Server 11.9; we get timeouts on the query after 2 minutes, someone has an idea why and how to increase this timeout? 

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Matthias Preuter

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Hi , 

You can increase Timeout in configuration tool in platform server.  

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Digged some more in the code and found that in the ResultSet class which calls the command function from the RunTimePublic API, the command timeout is being setted as 0 see:

What makes me think that it is using the platform timeout indeed.

Change it in the configuration tool and it will probably work ;)

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Hi Mathias,

I believe the solution Sharma pointed should work, once I digged in extension's code and saw that it uses the runtime connection as default:

But if not, you can open the extension with integration studio, and change the timeout in the code, the extension is not locked so you can open it.

See here about the API the extension uses.

There is an attribute that can be changed for timeout of a command:

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RR :)

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Yes this could work in a OnPremise environment, but you can't use the Configuration Tool in a PaaS / Sentry environment....

Hi Matthias,

You can also change the httpRuntime executionTimeout  in machine config to increase the request timeout.


Shashikant Shukla

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If you don't have access to the server you can try this approach I pointed out.

This solution would be just for SQL SandBox of course.

If you need to change it for all queries you can try the component Factory Configuration if I'm not mistaken you can change the timeout using this component.

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RR :)