Can't post at this moment? The Message field appears empty? Well.. We have a challenge! Reply to this thread! :)

Hi Pedro. What is this post about? Is there any problem posting?

Let us know.


Paulo Tavares

Hi Pedro,

We had a few reports about problems on the content editor in some browser versions.
Usually after cleaning the browser cache (deleting the temporary files) the problem disappears.
If cleaning the cache doesn't do it, please email the OutSystems Product Support team at

Ohh.. This is strange, for me the HTML of the textarea "Message" is the following: "visibility: hidden" -> This happens to me in any browser, so I thought it was something server-side. And also, my messages are all without breaks. Sorry, but i thought it was a server-side issue and I was challenging everyone to find the solution to make the textarea reappear! Best regards, Pedro Magalhães


This is in fact a cache problem, but due to proxy servers that cache static contents and content distribution networks, cleaning the browser cache is not solving it for everybody.
So, we just published a nano-change in production, to force these servers to fetch this file again. This should solve the problem for good.
If you still have issues with our content editor when trying to post here, please let us know sending an email to the OutSystems Product Support team at