Target an action to run on a specific front end server

First of all, let me preface by saying that we're working within the PaaS environment, so Deployment Zones are not currently possible (AFAIK).

We currently have three front end servers, and we integrate with external databases at remote locations (we do not control them). In order to get through the remote location firewall, we need to whitelist our Front End Server IP's at each location. As we're not in control of those firewalls, we rely on third parties actioning the whitelisting within a suitable timeframe.

We would like to automate the verification of our connectivity to those databases by sending a request from each front end server. However, other than building an action that checks which Front End Server is processing the request, and if already verified, ending the action, we're hoping to find a way to specifically request a named Front End Server perform an action (so we can call each FE Server in turn and log the results).

Is there a method of activating such a request? If we had access to Deployment Zones, we could distribute an application to each individually and call it when required, but without Deployment Zones, I'm struggling to find a solution.

Thanks in advance!



That is an original request.

Yes, deployments zones is a feature available only for on-premises.

The PaaS gives static IPs to each node so you have a single IP for each server.

And (also because of PaaS) you can't simply turn off the scheduler service in all but one server to try them individually. like suggest here. That would be unpractical.

The quickest way I see is if you create identical timers, schedule them to start at the same time, and to run for several minutes. That way each server will pick a different one.
Don't forget to create a kill switch on each so they end after the table is complete and don't stay running longer than necessary. You don't need that blocking all your timers for longer than the test takes.

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