Display Dynamic cards for a resultset

HI team, 

we have a scenario in which we get a result set based which can be grouped by IDs, and we would like to display the data related one id on a card. kindly let us know how can we achieve this dynamically. 

as on today we have 6 group of data which we would like to display dynamically, over a period of next 1 month the group can increase to 10, we dont want customize our logic for new entries into db. 

Kindly share suggestions for achieving the same via outsystems. 

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Hi Raghavendra,

Recently, I created a small scale POC which does have similar objective with what you mentioned. Hopefully it will help you in some way :)

POC Objective: Application to add/Edit a single/multiple certifications associated w.r.t a single student

see this sample app

If you observe the Table Record's last column i.e. Certification Info is containing a block to retrieve single/multiple certification information for that specific student

So based on your use-case, I would suggest you to introduce/use a Block with an input parameter (of Identifier type) within the TableRecord/List widget

let's say that the result-set does have 6 grouped Id values, which would be mapped with a Table Records or any other List widgets. Within the table records you will define a card which is basically a block with an input parameter (of identifier type). The block will itself does have the logic to fetch the data based on the input Id parameter value. So even if the set of grouped Id value will get increase in future, it won't impact anything because the aggregate's result set is mapped with the list widget which is dynamic in nature.

Hope this helps you!

Kind Regards,

Benjith Sam