The target environment not supporting the Isolated Databases feature

In one of our application publishing processes for production, the following error occurred during the process:

The biggest problem is that the process has been running for 4 days (a weekend) and has not yet ended. I didn't find an apparent way to end the process manually.

Every help is welcome!

Thank you...

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Hi Lucas,

I'm not sure about what is causing the error, but it could be that the deployment has very well ended in the background but the UI in LifeTime got stuck somehow. First of all you need to verify if the applications that are part of the deployment plan have been deployed to the target environment.

If that is the case, you could try to cancel the stuck deployment plan by following these instructions.

  • In LifeTime select Deployment Plans.

  • Open the Deployment Plan with the status 'Running' and write down the StagingId from the Address Bar.

  • Navigate to https://<yourlifetimehostname>/lifetime/ForceStagingClose.aspx and introduce the StagingId you have written down

  • Only click the button if you know what you are doing! (and if I'm not mistaken you have to have infrastructure admin permissions to do this)

Hope this helps.



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Do you use Multi Catalogs or Schemas?

If yes, this link may help.

See the staging section on how to move espaces to different environments.

I have never seen this error but the only thing that think which may be related is this. 

Cheers and Regards,

RR :)