[Azure Blob Storage] BlobPrefix

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Published on 5 Mar by Vincent Koning
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Published on 5 Mar by Vincent Koning


On preparation of the Blobs page i have the follow error: "No valid combination of account information found. "

I think the reason is the BlobPrefix, where i can get this parameter? It's mandatory, right?

Thanks in advance, Paulo Torres


Possible errors -

1. Check if by mistake you got a  white spaces 

    UseDevelopmentStorage=true;DevelopmentStorageProxyUri= instead of UseDevelopmentStorage=true; DevelopmentStorageProxyUri= 

2. Don't forget to include the "https://" or "https://" when using the proxyUri. Like: 


3. Some time newline character (\r\n)  comes in the connection string which we by mistake ignore


Please check these