Dificult in Exercise 8.4x from - Developing Web Apps (OutSystems 11)

I'm having a big dificult to iplement the StarDisplay. I've tried many times but it doesn't work like the instructions. Instead of showing the average, it only shows the message highlited. Also, it's impossible rank on the stars. I'm really frustrated because already remade averything from the begining 2 times and the page doesn't work. Could someone help me showing what could be wrong here?

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Web Page:

Service Studio Page:

StarDisplay comfiguration:

StarDisplay's Preparation:

MovieDetail's Preparation:

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you have to use an expression widget on the text, so it will be calculated.

Don't use the text or label widgets

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See here more detailed info:

When you use expressions you can defined static texts around quotes, and also variables that you want to be calculated in runtime:

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Great news Pedro!!

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