[ReactFilePondUpload] Issue when uploading blocks of image files(100 image files)
Forge component by Stuart Harris

Hi stuart,

When using AutoUploadBlock, there is an issue when uploading multiple images. For example, when uploading 100 images, the 98th image is first uploaded and is not being joined by the other 99 images when being fetched. Sometimes 2-3 images are not being joined by the main batches of images(which is the 100 images). 

Hi Jaybriel,

Thanks for posting.

In terms of the order of uploading, it is not guaranteed to be performed in any particular order.  Is uploading 100 images at a single time a requirement of your application or are you just testing?

I'm not clear what you mean by joined.  Could you clarify what you mean by joined?

Thanks and kind regards,


Hi Stuart,

Yes it is on one time uploading. What I mean is when uploading 100 images, sometimes 2-3 images out of the 100 images are being separated when fetching the files via the token that is being passed in the client action AutoUploadBlockUploaded. I hope this is understandable now.

Thanks Jaybriel, I see, thank you.

Yes, normally multiple files will be sent together, however the trigger for sending files is when all currently uploaded files have completed.  However there may be files that have not started uploading yet, which would cause an additional call to the FilesUploaded callback.

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