Community edition V5.1.0.21 Word Merge or Docx Merge

Community edition V5.1.0.21 Word Merge or Docx Merge

Hello everyone,

I can't seem to find the V5.1.0.21 versions for Word Merge or Docx Merge. Also I'm trying to build something to create invoices that can be saved to doc, odt, docx, or pdf 
home you guys can point me to the right direction.

P.S. I've tried a older 4.x version of word merge and docx merge but they don't seem to be working out of the box with v5.1
Update: I've been able to merge stuff with 2 extentions:
1: Hashtable
2: OfficeAPI
I've inserted a document with merge fields in the OSP, and then by simply merging the fields to the document. this works great with both 2003 DOC as well as with office 2010 docx!!!
I'm now working on a way to insert a recordlist to the document this is still a challange.
I'll upload a working "test" version today
ok, here is the example I've made it's a "rar" file containing everything you'll need to see how it works and to get it working.
Unfortunately I didn't put any comments in the OML :( sorry

The recordlist is not yet included in this test, mainly because I haven't got it to work yet :(
How can i access to a merge field in header or footer word document?
Fernando Nunes
Hi Fernando.

Well, that would depend. What exactly are you using to do the word merge? Are you using Louis' extension? An extension you developed on your own?


Paulo Tavares