Error while SSL Pinning Plugin installed and While Generating?

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             In my case am using the SSL Pinning Plugin in my Application. My Applications MABS Version is 5.2 and the Plugin version is 5.1.1 . I have added the JSON file and Generated but if I get the Application in My Mobile its  not Logging in Showing there was an error processing your Request (Reload). Can Anyone Help me out here?

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Ramesh Pugazhenthi.

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Hello Ramesh,

I believe you can't use MABS version 5.2 for Plugin version 5.1.1.

According to Plugin documentation, you will need to use a MABS version equal or greater than 6.0 for Plugin Version 5.1.1.

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Rui Barradas

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Thanks for the Solution  Rui Barradas,