Input widget not working properly.

Going straight to the ques.

Inside a screen, i have one custom popup web block. Inside the web block, i have input widget.
I changed the widget properties Text lines - 3 and Max length, but its not working. Instead the input widget gets disabled.
If i make no changes in input widget and use it with default properties, its working.
And also the same i did in another screen (change the i/p widget property), its working.

I think the problem is in the screen but don't know where, need help.

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Hi Arun,

Could you share a Module that contains this problem? It'll be easier to see what's going on.

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If you can't share the module, some screen shots would be ok, but it's more difficult to find the problem then.

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Hi Arun,

Can you please confirm

1. Are you using input field inside any form.

2. Is there any validation use for the widget

3. Are you using Traditional web application.

4. Is there any variable use in "enable" property of input widget.

5. Is input widget is enclosed inside any container and any condition/CSS defined to it.

6. Is there any CSS class defined for that input widget 

Please share the snap shot the the input widget property and the widget tree of web blow (how the input widget is called inside the popup).



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Need help on this issue, anyone please.

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Changing Text line of input widget causing this Issue.