Distributed Tracing - need to update agent to version 1153 or higher?

HI. I am very new to NewRelic. I created my app, and copied the appid and license key. Data has started flowing through.

However, I went to Application Settings, and selected Distributed Tracing.

And then I choose "Distributed Tracing" on the left side bar and it gave the error

This entity is currently running version 1130 of the Browser agent. To use distributed tracing, you need to update your agent(s) to version 1153 or higher and enable the configuration.

Is "Distributed Tracing" supported?
Are there any plans to support it?

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Hi Alan,

The distributed caching of NewRelic needs the newer version. The older agent is not supported.



Hi. Is anyone able to assist?

How is the NewRelicScript_Full_1130 js file updated?

Hi. I can see the forge component has two javascript files.


How do I create an updated version of the NewRelicScript_Full_1130 script?

I'm following the instructions from: https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/browser/new-relic-browser/installation/update-browser-agent#checking   for how to update the agent.

The 2nd one (nr_spa_1130) is easy to update. I simply need to download from:


where 1184 is the version number of the updated agent. But how do I find the updated version of the first script NewRelicScript_Full_1130.

But how should I update NewRelicScript_Full_1130? 

Should I use:   https://js-agent.newrelic.com/nr-loader-full-1184.js ?

I compared nr-loader-full-1130.js with the forge script NewRelicScript_Full_1130 and they have quite a few differences.

Please advise. Thanks