Init working great in OnApplicationReady for Mobile navigator but not for desktop nav

I am having issues with this module using the Init in the Web for Desktop, for me it didn't worked nicely in two different ambients (personal and corporative). 

What i had done as a workaround is using an if checking IsPhone() in the action OnApplicationReady, case true i start the Init there, but in case it is Web, i put the Init on the OnException() in the Common area.

That way works nicely, but i don't know if is a good practice.

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Hi Leandro,

What was the issue you had exactly?


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Hello Sofia, when i put the Init in OnApplicationReady, the analytics is not working here

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hmm..that's strange, and the TrackScreen action is the same and it's there?

Is it a reactive application?

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Hi Leandro,

The OnApplicationReady runs asynchronously.  In mobile, this behaviour could be masked because we have the splash screen and the event will be trigger before your screen has been available to the end-user.  A possible workaround could define a Splash screen for your reactive app. The LinkedIn web app uses something similar. So, you will have more time to run everything you need in the ApplicationReady before your first screen is available.