Dynamic Tab Content Item is not rendering properly in Tablet App

Hi All

I'm trying to generate Tabs and Tab Content base on Database Configuration (Tabs headings and Content are created through a back-office solution according to user requirement).

I have successfully able to to that in Reactive application (Sample app is attached) but when I try to do the same thing in a mobile app (Table) Tab Heading is rendering fine but Tab content Item is not rendering properly. (It only render the first tab Content). Any workaround to overcome this issue?

Reactive App Screenshots

Widget Layout in Reactive App

Tab 1

Tab 2

Tablet App Screenshots (Tablet)

Widget layout in Tablet app

Tab 1 (Content is properly rendered)

Tab 2 (Content is missing)


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Hi Anusha,

Did you checked in your browser console to see if there are any javascript error?

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Hi All 

After doing a few things I found the root cause for this issue is the layout in mobile/tablet application. 

As a workaround for my issue, I have copied layout from Reactive app and then change it a little bit. Now it's working fine.