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hi people.

I have a problem with a popup and I don't seem to find any solution in the forum.

In my homepage I have a web block with a login section and if the login isn't correct a popup shows up. What I want is that the user to be redirect to a certain page when he successfully logged in, but when I used the widget Destination the new web screen opens inside the popup.

I already used the Popup_Editor_Notify and the Popup_Editor_Close, but I don't know if I need to specify something in the Popup_Editor_Notify argument.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello Raquel,

When you're using a PopUpEditior, in the screen (or block) you'll need to set an action that is execused after the PopUp close. In this action you set the destination, not in the PopUp action.

To know if the user is logged in you can use the PopUpEdtior notify in the PopUp action to set a message when the user succesfully logs in. In the action that is excuted after the PopUp close, you can catch the notify message (with the notify_GetMessage from richwidgets) to check if the user is logged in or not. Here you can set the destination if logged in correctly.

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Thanks ;)
Thank you very much! This post help me alot!

Hi all!

I was trying to do something like what was written on this post but still doesn't work. What i want to do is when i raise an event (throw an action) inside the popup window,  it closes and redirect to another webscreen. I can close my popup window if i had an end after the Popup_Editor_Close, but if i take out the end and put a webscreen after the Popup_Editor_Close it doesn't close.

Someone can help me?

Thanks a lot!

Bruno Fonseca
Hi Bruno,

You shouldn't redirect to other webscreen in the same workflow, you need to send some message to the previous screen, where you raised the popup and in this workflow you redirect to the intended webscreen.

I don't know if I made myself clear, so any doubt please let me know.

Best regards,
Raquel Feitor
Hi Raquel! 

Thank you for the reply! Well.. i think that you are talking about the  Popup_Editor_Notify to send some message but i still didn't understand how it works.. What kind of message.. :S Do you have some example that do something like what i want to do? If you could send me... bammaf@gmail.com

Thank you!

Best regards,

Bruno Fonseca

Hello Bruno,

When you execute the last action in the PopUp screen (let say the 'save' action), you use the 'Popup_Editor_Notify' action and then the 'Popup_Editor_Close' and a stop to close the PopUp screen. In the 'Popup_Editor_Notify' action you can set an argument, lets say "HelloWorld".

When the PopUp screen was closed an action is executed (which you have defined in the PopUp widget), in this action you now can use the  '
NotifyWidgetGetMessage' action (richwidgets) to check the message that was set in the PopUp screen by the 'Popup_Editor_Notify'. By this message you can now do some action (like redirect somebody to another screen when save was succesfull).

I've made a screenshot as an example to what I mean, hope it's clearfull enough.

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I'm really glad!! It worked like you said Evert van der Zalm.

Thank you both (Raquel and Evert)!! :)))

Best regards,

Bruno Fonseca