HttpGet through Proxy server

HttpGet through Proxy server


Hi Guys,

I'm trying to use the HttpGet command from RichMail to retrieve the content of a remote website.
Currently I don't seem to get passed our local proxy.

Is there a way to pass the proxy server some login credentials and use the HttpGet command?


Hi Eric.

I've been doing some digging, but the short answer is "no". However, if you would like to try a workaround, I would suggest setting those credentials in the server's IE browser, hoping that IIS will use them when trying to execute the HttpGet action.

Does this seem feasible? Does it work in your scenario?

Let us know.


Paulo Tavares
According to our sysadmin this is not an option since the Platform server runs under the System account and not as a specific user.
It would be nice to have this option though without moving our Platform server to the DMZ :)
Hi Eric,

I believe it would not be hard to code an extension to do that. Take a look into this code sample.

Tiago Simões
Hi Tiago,

Thanks for your effort, but unfortunately my employer doesn't allow me to code any .NET code. :(

Considering our proxy issues on a 'higher level'.
Why isn't handling requests through a proxy server a default part of the platform?

I can imagine that we're not the only company wants their Platform server in the internal network instead of moved to the DMZ.
After all keeping the server inside the local network and behind a proxy server is done for legit security reasons.
Hi guys,

We are almost 3 years further and there is still no answer in the platform to connecting through a proxy server...
Hi there Eric,

I have to make an extension to solve that same issue. Now I don't have access to the server where I make that extension but next monday I will post it here for you If it makes sense, since you are not allowed to make extensions...

Nuno Mendes
Nuno, I have just created a setup with a DMZ server.
Since a few weeks we have this running and since it is in DMZ we can now download using the DMZ server.