side by side card layout on click of button or link in Traditional app

hi team,

I have list of records in a table, and every record  is linked with Details table for more details.

Now in my screen I have listed all the records in a card layout and each card has button, on click of that button I need to show the full details of the record in another card (just like a drawer it should pull or close). Please help me how to implement this. Thanks in advance.



HI Madhu,

Create Child web block which will be use full for displaying child details and wrap it in IF condtion.

So In your record list query add one custom attribute . Lets say "IsDisplay" default to false. When user clicks on corresponding button of each record make the display of the that record to true and refresh the that particular row. using AJAX Refresh widget where it takes the row number.

Please find oml attached. May be helps you.




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Hi Madhu,

You can have a variable which represent the record which has been clicked, so if you're talking about patients it would be a PatientId, which starts null because you haven't clicked on anything yet.

Then you have a webblock that given a PatientId it does a query and shows you the patient details.

So when, you click a card:

  • you update your local variable PatientId = the Patient you clicked,
  • you refresh the webblock with the local variable PatientId as the input, so it can display the detail for that Patient.

To display side-by-side, I would use the columns widget.

Hope it helps.



Hi Madhu,

You can use AccordianItem inside ListRecord.

It will give you drawer like look.

Hope it help.



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Hey Madhu,

I think the solution João provided would be your best option to use in answer to your question!

To give a better UX, you can use a Blank Slate Widget when the ID is null, to show to your users that no item is selected.

See more about it here.

Another ideia, that would be a different approach, but since you said 'Cards' it came to my mind...

Would be to use card flip widget.

See here.

If you don't want to show a lot of info and also not info from other tables, what would need a new query for example, you could use it to let it more visual!

Hope it helps,

Cheers and Regards,

RR :)