BPT Wait under the hood

I was searching in the forums and in the knowledge base about this topic but couldn't find a satisfactory answer. What is the impact, under the hood, when a BPT is waiting?

  1. Does this lock a BPT instance? 
  2. Does this consume memory, RAM to be more precise on the server while waiting?

Asking these questions because I building BPT that starts on Record creating and then place it waiting on a constraint that isn't relevant. And because it might be several BPTs "waiting" for that constraint to be met, I wanted to understand the overhead this might add to the server.


João Franco

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Hello João,

For a better understanding on BPT I recommend you to view the master class course.

More specifically this part about the wait activity.

These courses don't give a formal answer to your question, but it shows how to track a process in service center. What can help you to understand it a little better.

That being said, I don't think BPTs uses RAM memory or lock any table.

I believe it works with timers and Database triggers behind the hood, but I'm not 100% sure, and I don't think there are an official documentation with this level of detail.

What you can also see is this docs, about the tables that are used in the process.

Let's wait to see if someone have this info, otherwise the best approach would be to open a support case with this questions.

Hope it helps,

RR :)