Does Outsystems support Ping One For Customers OIDC? Not SAML

My company is looking to set up outsystems authentication with Ping One For Customers (not pingFederate) and we can only do this by using OIDC, not SAML. I know they support OIDC for Okta, but what about Ping One For Customers? Thanks!

Hello Alex,

I have never used Ping One For Customers myself and there's no forge component for that. However OIDC is just a standard authentication layer on top of OAuth2 protocol, meaning that you can you can implement it with OutSystems. 

You can have a look at Auth0 Web Connector. In this component you have the implementation of the OIDC authentication flow. You can have a look at it and create your own component, but most work is already done. Your component should be very similar to this one since they use the same standard authentication flow.

In my current project we extend the component, due some very tricky requirements, but baseline is the same. We are using the component with Azure.