Hi all,

I'm looking for any information about JMS / Tibco integrations done with outsystems.
Have you done an integration, are there any components available, what are your experiences?

Please let me know (Either in the forums or by email)

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Hi Hans,

Sorry for the late reply.

I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but we did have one project where we integrated with TIBCO, using the WebServices it exposed.

Does this help?


Paulo Tavares
Hi Paulo,

no problem! I'm glad to hear integration through webservices is an option and has been succesfull, but I'm hoping to hear from people who have for example used the Spryng framework to integrate with JMS/tibco (in a .NET environment)

Integration from the Java stack will probably be easier, but it's not at 5.1 yet and I'm no Java whizz ;)

So, any more info about sucesses (And failures) is greatly appreciated.

I don't understand the question I think... JMS is a typical Java envronment. To decouple technologies one could use web services (that's were they are meant for)!
For exaple in our case we combined technologies in a project where we consume web services in the Outsystems C# environment. The webservices on their turn were built with Advantage Gen, generated out in Java and are running in JBoss.

So, given this example you shouldn't have too much trouble consuming webservices from any environment, assuming the webservices are according to standards.
I have no knowledge of the TIBCO environment, we use an Oracle ESB/BPEL environment. But it shouldn't to much work to wrap a JMS queue to be able to create a connector in the TIBCO environment to get the data through a web service.
Hi Rob, 

It has something to do with the opportunity's standards and regulations - unfortunately not always something we have influence on ;)

I agree webservices would be the easiest solution, with perhaps a JMS/Java solution as a close second.