[OutSystems Charts] Chart Library Update
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Hi, when is this going to be updated to newer versions of the charts library ? it's on version 6 but version 8.2 with a lot more stuff is already available.

Hi Mauro,

Which chart option specifically you are looking for? OutSystems Charts and HighCharts have diffrent release cycle.




I am looking to be able to use Annotations in HighCharts.  Will this feature be available at some point? 

Yes I also need some features from version 7. Can we expect any update soon please?

It would be great also to have a Radar Chart like this with a variable number of vertex: 

Hello everyone,

We are glad to announce our last release of OutSystems Charts. The main objective of this one was to upgrade HighCharts library version to v9.1.2. 

Hi @Mauro Hazakis

Could you please tell us if this issue got solved by the latest versions of Charts? If so could you mark this as solved so that other community members with a similar issue can also be unblocked?


Hello, is highcharts-more also included in the license?

Or asking more general which libaries am I allowed to use with the included OutSystems license for highcharts?

Hi Magnus,

Sorry for the delay, you can use all the libraries that are extensions of HighCharts.

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