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I am working on a reactive web application, In my dev environment I have two separate applications which don't have any dependency between them. In application X I have a few screens and in application Y I have few screens. Can I use menu in application Y and directly link to application X screens? If possible how can we do it?

Hello kavya,

Yes it is possible. You have to use URL of application Y's page to your Application X's menu. The problem you may face in authentication while requesting to Y's page. Depending on authentication, you also need to authenticate and re-direct to correct page. Not required in case of windows authentication though.

Have a look into this post for external URL : https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/47068/external-url-question/ 



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Thanks sanjay.

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Hey Kavya,

In the link "On Click" property select RedirectToURL and in the URL parameter insert "/" + the name of the application.

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Thanks David. I tried the same but I wanted to get my application to work in both dev and test environments, so I had to use GetServerName() and GetEntryEspaceName() functions

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That solution will work across all environments. No need to use GetServerName() or GetEntryEspaceName() functions.

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Hi Kavya,

It is really a good practice to link (with external URLs / Redirect URL) from one page to another, but without referencing the page in the application you are going to consume.

Outsystems document:

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Thanks Agno. I did without referencing the page using GetServerName() and GetEntryEspaceName() default functions

Hi If your applications don't have any dependencies you can provide url as external application. 

if you need only few external (other app urls) then you can save url in site properties , so you can change them as per environment.

Else you can create an entity and put all external urls there and only store domain url in site property and can concatenate them in extenal url when you use.

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Thanks Abdul. I used GetServerName() function from rich widgets to change my environment