Unable to install app on ios 14

Hello community,

We're developing a mobile app with OutSystems and right now we're testing with development certificates and provision profiles. Everything was working fine, but after users upgrade IOS to 14.0 or 14.1, they cannot install the app anymore. The error is that popup "Unable to install app NameofTheApp ".

We're using the latest MABS version provided by OutSystems, what can we do to solve this? 

Did anyone also faced this issue?

More details, to install our app, we need to download it with a VPN connection.

Thanks in advance, 


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What type of build are you doing?

To be clear, is this working for older iOS versions? The only difference is the device running iOS 14 or higher?

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The build type is Development for now.

The app is currently running for ios 13.6 for example, and we can install the app again on this version.

That's correct, we generated the package again and tried to install on ios 14.0 or higher unsuccessfully.

Thanks in advance

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Checked with some folks internally. You should be able to install the apps on iOS 14. Would recommend you open a support ticket so we can help troubleshoot the issue.