Emails are queuing up in service center
Service Studio Version
11.8.9 (Build 30790)

We are facing a different problem. While we are monitoring the environment health in service center all the emails are queuing up. Can any one suggest on this issue?

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I already had the same problem in my personal environment and was my Gmail account (defined as the sender account in service center) that was blocking the email sending.

Did you recheck your sender provider if everything is ok?

Maybe can be that...

Hope this can help.

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Ricardo M Pereira

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Hi Naveen,

Did you try to see your emails logs?

In Service Center, under Monitoring there is an email menu.

Normally when an email is not sent, and error link appears next to the email and you can see the stack trace to know why.

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Hi Naveen,

Could you provide following details,

1) Was it working earlier?

2) If yes, do you remember what has been changed recently which triggers this?

3) If no, please verify Email Configuration defined in Service Center > Administration > Email.