Dropdown search widget doesn't return all search results
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I have a search widget that has a bunch of people names going in in the format last, first (username).  If I put in "Jason" it comes up with 4 results however this isn't all of the Jason's.  If I type in the last name of a Jason that isn't showing up on this list, it does find it.  Is there a way to make the dropdown widget return all search hits instead of just 4?

Hello Jason,

Could you provide more information on your concern? Like how you are triggering search? expression used in filter and if you used aggregate or Sql widget?

Snaps of these things will be better.



Hi Jason,

Some things that can help give a glance on where the problem may be.

-Are your Name's field in the table separate from de last name field? If yes, are you applying the filters to both fields?

-The source list from your dropdown search is from an aggregate? If yes, does it have a limit?

Hi Jason,

Dropdown widget will not refresh your query, data will be filtered based on what has been bound initially. 

Try increasing the value of max record property (default is 50) of your aggregate and try again. 

Hi Jason,

To hit all the result in the dropdown search, you need change in the advance format of the widget

In Dropdown search widget add the below code in the Advanced format


tried this and it worked. thanks @Ellakkiya 

@Ellakkiya This Works , can you please add the link/site where we can find all these configurations for advanced format. Thanks in advance

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