i don't know  i can't open my first web  when i  hadcompiled it

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Can you try and access it directly on web? and you can try to restart your service studio and make sure that you are using the latest version.

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It's possible to translate the error message?

First of all, are you using your personal account or an Enterprise account?

Did you already try it to click with the right button in the screen related with "Entry1" Entrypoint and select "Open In Browser" option?

Can you share with us the design of the relation between the screen and the Entrypoint or your OML file?


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Ricardo M Pereira 

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Hi lider,

Make sure your app was successfully published.

I used google to translate your message from camera. And it seems to me that it is saying Application not found.

The first thing I can think is that your publish must have generated any error or it is not publish in the environment you are trying to access

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RR :)