Problems when comparing email


I'm having trouble comparing the email to see if there are candidates with similar email.

If it exists, a popup will open where I will select which one I want to replace.

However, my filter doesn't seem to be working.

Right now, I'm using String_Split and then assign the result to variaInInput to just compare the variable before @ but it doesn't seem to work.

Any idea what might be happening? Is there a problem with my filter?

Var1= True and ((Candidates.Email like "%" + Candidate.Email + "%" and Candidates.Email <> "") or (Candidates.Phone like "%" + Candidate.Phone + "%" and Candidates. Phone <> ""))

PS. If I remove the parentheses, all the existing results will appear, only filter correctly when I fill in the phone number input

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Hi Rita,
I think there are some problems there.

The first part of your filter where you put Var1 = True would be some way to bypass the filter for example if the string from Candidate vars are empty?

Maybe tou should try to put these rules in different filter inside your aggregate.

For example:

1 - 

Candidate.Email = "" or Candidates.Email like '%'+Candidate.Email+'%'

2 - 

Candidate.Phone = "" or Candidates.Phone like '%'+Candidate.Phone+'%'

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Is there any issue with case. If yes, please try to convert either lower case or upper case conversion also.

For eg: 

context.Email1.value.toLowerCase() === context.Email2.value.toLowerCase();