Tracking block events in a list
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Hi community,

Here's what I've got - a list where each item is a block. That block itself contains a list. If all the block lists are empty, I want to set the larger list's visibility to false. 

I've got the blocks sending up an empty event, but at the parent level I can't figure out how to handle those empty events to check if all the blocks in the list sent them up. Any ideas?

This is a reactive app.



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Hi Kristi,

A possible solution is to check the lists before loading the blocks, in OnReady for example.

If the lists are empty, you put your parent table list in an IF, example:

As I mentioned, it is a possible solution.

Hope this helps.


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Hi, Agno! I solved it for myself by sending up an event if data IS present, then setting visibility based on that. Thanks for your suggestion!