Tracking block events in a list
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Hi community,

Here's what I've got - a list where each item is a block. That block itself contains a list. If all the block lists are empty, I want to set the larger list's visibility to false. 

I've got the blocks sending up an empty event, but at the parent level I can't figure out how to handle those empty events to check if all the blocks in the list sent them up. Any ideas?

This is a reactive app.




Hi Kristi,

A possible solution is to check the lists before loading the blocks, in OnReady for example.

If the lists are empty, you put your parent table list in an IF, example:

As I mentioned, it is a possible solution.

Hope this helps.


Ok, I see where you're going with this, but what would the checklists action do? Can it somehow loop through all the blocks in the list and check if they sent up an event?

Hi, Agno! I solved it for myself by sending up an event if data IS present, then setting visibility based on that. Thanks for your suggestion!




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