How do I set the checked property of a radio button?

I have 2 radio buttons. Yes and No. I have an attribute in an entity that corresponds to the button. The values in that entity attribute will either be "Y" or "N". The values assigned to the radio buttons are "Y" and "N" respectively. However, when I retrieve the record neither buttons are selected regardless of the returned attribute value.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to set the checked property of a radio button?


Hi Clayton ,

use an extended property of the radio button "checked"

Hi Clayton,

What Ricardo said should work, but from your question in the other post, I assume you're looking a different option.

In the Radio Button's properties, set the following:

Hopefully this will sort out the behavior you're expecting. If not, it's probable that I'm forgetting something here...

Let us know if this helps!


Paulo Tavares