[Bluetooth Serial Plugin] Android 10 Problem
Forge component by Guillaume Henriques
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.8.12 (Build 32251)
Good afternoon people!
Sorry for nmy English OK?

I developed an application for printing price labels and I use the "Bluetooth Serial Plugin". However after updating Android to version 10 the bluetooth printer is no longer detected by the application, it remains searching forever in the application's connection screen.

Any tips you can give me?

Stay on this screen permanently

Did you try to reconfigure the bluetooth device after update of the plugin?

Good Morning Swatantra Kumar!!!

But reconfigure what? Any tips??

Did you ever solve this? Just realized this is exactly the same issue I am facing. Both Android 10 and 11 go into spinning forever...


No man! I did´'t resolve that!

I'm using an Android 9 Cellphone but soon we'll need to resolve that :(

If you learn how to resolve, please help me

I reached out to Joao to see if there is anything they can do. I will also reach out to our Channel Manager ot escalate this, as currently I am seeing this as a major issue...

Will let you know,


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