Queue like structure in aggregates

Good Day Community,

Right now I am trying to create an aggregate with a queue like structure as follow.

The goal is to update the queue whenever a new isOrder becomes false.
Data Types are as follow

isOrder - boolean (Default value = true)

OrderType - Text
QueueOnRelease - Integer

Any similar reference or guide will help, thank you.

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Hi Leonard,

If i understand, you need show only items (FastFood) that isOrder = false,

therefore, filter your aggregate like this, example:

But in case you need to update the queue (List of Aggregate) on screen, you can use this component:


place your listTable inside the component's content and set the number of seconds you want the list to update.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Leo,

If I understand it right, you need something like a trigger.

If yes you should read this

Hope this help