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Hi, I have a problem regarding with on change event. In my Input_TOTAL_JOINT_INCOME (B8), the value is coming from a calculation from InputB7_OnChange which is an action for Input_TOT_INC_TRANSFER_TO_SPOUSE (B7) or InputB6_OnChange which is an action for Input_TOTAL_INCOME (B6).

And for my Input_TOTAL_JOINT_INCOME (B8), is it disabled as user can't enter any value as it is an auto-calculation. And right now my Input_CHARGEABLE_INCOME (B10), the value is coming from InputB8_OnChange which is an action from Input_TOTAL_JOINT_INCOME (B8) and InputB9_OnChange which is an action from Input_TOTAL_RELIEF (B9)But the action is not triggered as for (B8), the value is auto-calculated, and not from the user input.

It only triggered InputB9_OnChange in order to calculate value for (B10) as the Input_TOTAL_RELIEF (B9) is enabled and user can fill value in the input.

So, if I change the calculation in (B6) or (B7), its calculate the value in (B8), but for (B10), it doesn't change.

 Below attached a oml and link :- 


p.s: Sorry for my bad English. Hope someone can teach me the solution.


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you can put "InputB8_OnChange" inside "InputB6_OnChange" and "InputB7_OnChange" for quick fix.

The Logic is, "InputB8_OnChange" is never triggered, because it is disabled, so you need to trigger from other.

Also put "InputB9_OnChange" on all of them


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Thank you! But may I know if there is another way to put an events for disabled input in outsystems?

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well, you could use javascript for this, by using Name and ID