How i make to the datepicker go pick the interval of data from database
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Hello guys, i need very help with this, i make one ticket but everyone make answers which it´s not i want, so i decide create one but this time i gonna explain all things what they need.

So, i have one datatable, which have two collums, with the name "Desde" which is since , and the other with the name "Até" which is until

"Desde" and "Até" have the datatype "Date".

And what i want is when the user click on edit button it pass the since and until variables to other page (image 3)

Image 3

Things i think you need check:

If someone need some other print, please answer that bellow!

I need very help with this ;-;

In preview what i need is this:


thanks :D, it´s help me so mutch :D you save my work :D

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