jQueryUICompatibility error - c.curCSS is not a function
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.8.7 (Build 29639)
Platform Version
11.8.0 (Build 12006)

We are developing an app using Silk UI with jQuery version 1.8.3 and we are having the following error: "Uncaught TypeError: c.curCSS is not a function". After few searches we noticed that the error is caused by jQuery incompatibility between some widgets. 

When Editable Table and a Date Picker customized by us are in the screen, this console error occurs and it's also affecting the UI of other widgets (ex. Icon Dropdown).

In other screens from different modules we are using the same widgets and it works fine.

Did anyone have this problem or knows how it can be fixed?

Best regards


Hi Mihai,

The cause is because the function curCSS was removed from jQuery 1.8

Try to include this javascript code in your module:

(function($) {
    if (!$.curCSS) {
       $.curCSS = $.css;