Error Invalidating Espace Caches - Cookies Modified After Sending Headers
Application Type
Traditional Web, Reactive
Service Studio Version
11.8.12 (Build 32251)
Platform Version
11.9.0 (Build 17011)

Until recently, we used the IdP Forge component to manage single sign-on using SAML. Since OutSystems now supports SAML out-of-the-box for traditional and reactive applications in the Users module, we began updating our application login flows to use the supported SAML solution described here. For the most part, this has gone very well.

Since our on-premise environment has a mix of traditional and reactive applications, we enabled secure cookies to allow users to easily switch between reactive and traditional applications. After making this change, we noticed the following error appeared in our logs across our traditional web applications. This does not appear to effect reactive apps.

I did some research on the subject and found several posts describing this error arising from changing site properties, locked files on the server or even having AJAX refreshes in front of a login action. We do not change our site properties very often and no file issues occur. I did some research on the login side considering we have sessions timeout after periods of inactivity, and I was not able to reproduce the issue whenever I logged in, logged out or waited for a timeout.

I have not heard anything from our user community regarding whether this affects them, so without being able to reproduce the issue myself, I am at a bit of a loss. I think this has something more to do with the secure cookies being enabled instead of the SAML flow since this appears for applications using the new, supported SAML flow as well as the old IdP flow. Moreover, the SAML message logs do not show any invalid responses since we finished initial configuration.

I wanted to see if anyone else has seen this on the forums before I open a support case.

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According to support, this issue is resolved in 11.10. 

  • We fixed the issues in SSO between app types causing "invalidating espace caches" error messages in Service Center, by improving the lifecycle of cookies involved in SSO between app types. (RTAF-3153)

We are planning to upgrade after the turn of the year.



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Hi Alex,

I came across the exact same issue you have faced or are still facing. 

I came to the same conclusions:

  • Happens only for Traditional Web Applications
  • Same Platform Server version and build 11.9.0 (Build 17011)
  • On-Premises environment
  • Occurs around login scenarios

At first I thought I found the problem. For this Platform Server version we were supposed to update Erlang and RabbitMQ software as mentioned in the Release Notes. This step was skipped during the initial Platform Server upgrade.

However, after updating both Erlang and RabbitMQ to the latest versions, the problem still exists.

Did you manage to find a solution for this?