Drag and Drop with ZTree


Have you used the Drag and Drop property of the Ztree component?

In my structure I have a property called ORDER, this property will store the order of each parent node in my tree.

[Node 1: ORDER = 1

  Node 2: ORDER = 2

  Node 3: ORDER = 3

  Node 4: ORDER = 4]

After moving any node up or down, I would like to get the node value and thus save that new position value in my ORDER property.

Currently I can already have Drag and Drop. What happens... that is not saving the position.

Do you have any experience of how I can implement with ztree?


Hi Danilo, 

I implemented an example of how to get the element that is being dragged and where it was dropped.

See the attached oml.

Changes were made to the beforeDrop callback settings.


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