Does anyone had the necessity to call the Dropbox API? Can you help me in some doubts I have?

Or, even better, provide me the espace with that integration?

I think it would be interessant for the community to have a espace with that available here.

Hello Carlos,

I'm not aware of any sample of a connection with dropbox... It would be great if you could share your connector with the community once it is done! I took a quick look and here are some resources that might be useful:

SharpBox, a C# wrapper over dropbox
DropNet, another C# wrapper over dropbox (this one seems less mature)

(you could also call the API directly, but that's way too much work)

Best of luck!
I know that but  those applications are not "official". There only exists SDK for Java, which it's still a nice alternative. I would like to develop an espace that would consume those services but not now. I've opted to use Amazon S3. It's different, but it serves my purpose.

But it would be a great addition to the community!