Service is stopped, but port 80 still in use?

Service is stopped, but port 80 still in use?


I am just looking at Outsystems for the first time. I installed the Agile platform on a Windows server on which I have another vendor's application server on it, and of course that other vendor's server also uses port 80 by default. 

Since I've installed Agile on the server, I have not been able to start the other app server, even when I (think) all of the Agile services are stopped. If the Agile system is down, shouldn't that release port 80 for use again?    . .. I guess not, because even when the services are stopped, I can't use port 80. 

Yes, I can change the port on the other app server.   But I'd prefer not to have to do that.

Just wondering why stopping the Outsystems services doesn't release port 80?  

Thank you,
Hello Lou,

The Agile Platform uses IIS as a Web Server. This means you have to stop IIS to free port 80.

The name of the service you need to stop is "World Wide Web Publishing Service".

Best of luck,