How to define a common menu?

Hi, I created an application using the Liverpool theme. I  have 2 UI flows (Users, Movies). In the Users UI flow I have 2 screens, UserList screen and a UseDetail screen. In the Movies UI flow I have a MovieList and MovieDetail screen. 

My doubt is how to properly add to the application a common menu with 2 Links (one for the userList screen and other for the MovieList screen) for all screens. 

When I click in each screen (UserList, UserDetai, MovieList, MovieDetail) there is a place holder in the theme for a menu and it says "Click to add a menu" when I click there, the Layout_liverpool is opened in the menu placeholder but when I try to drag and drop the UserList and MovieLis screen for this menu placeholder don't work. 

Do you know to properly configure the menu for the application? 

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Open a webpage in the canvas (so, in the Interface Tab).

Then, drag and drop the pages that you want in menu to the menu section of the webscreen (it will apear a star when ready to create the entry in the menu):

Then, the menu entry will be automatically created.

Hope this can help.

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira