CSS odd behaviour

CSS odd behaviour


I'm having some problems regarding my espace stylesheet, more specifically in the header section. 

Although I say in my Header class I don't want no image in the background it still appears when I publish the espace.

This is the code I have:
.Header {
    /* background:url(/RichWidgets/img/Header_Background_Blue.jpg) right top no-repeat; */

This is what I get:

Any suggestions? 
Hi João,

Here are a couple of suggestions:
1 - Make sure you do not have that CSS line duplicated in both the Header web block style sheet and the eSpace style sheet (do a find for Header_Background_Blue in the whole eSpace).
2 - Clean the cache of your browser

Tiago Simões
Do what Tiago said :)

However, I noticed the same issue as well on my side. clean everything, cleared everything, yet the image was still showing.
I still haven't figured it out what the problem was.

In the end, I deleted all the temporarily .NET folders
Thank you Tiago and Joost.

I've followed your suggestions and everything is ok now.