I want to sell apps solutions to companies, but How can I setup customer services?
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I want to sell apps solutions to companies, but I want to set up customer service with the Outsystem platform. I don't know if the Outsystem team can do that or not, Or I should contact Outsystems Partner?

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Hello Michael.
What do you mean by "sell solutions/apps"? Made in OutSystems?

If you develop them in your Personal Environment, clients won't be able to install them in their infrastructure (IPP).
What you can do is
1) work as a freelancer in companies and specialize in building a particular type of app. Practice makes perfect.
2) create your own site and sell Software as a Service.

If the apps you are selling are not OutSystems forget everything above.

You can create all types of Customer portals. Take a look at this case study.
If the work is too much for you/your team, of course you can hire OutSystems or other companies to build it for you. Or you can use an existing Costumer Services product instead of building your own.

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Hi Michael,

Apart from what Nuno suggested one more thing which can be helpfull for you is OutSystems partner program for ISVs and MSPs.

You can check details on this link and contact OutSytems to discuss further.