Free OutSystems Workshop - Marketing, Sales and R&D in the Web 2.0 World

Hi everyone.
Here is a new idea - knowledge sharing done the responsible way!
Under the new OutReach program – OutSystems’ corporate social responsibility program – OutSystems is organizing a FREE event on “Marketing, Sales and R&D in the Web 2.0 World” on November 12th, in Lisbon, Portugal.
What’s it all about? With the recent Web 2.0-induced changes to the way companies and individuals work, OutSystems has had its fair share of successes and lessons learned in what has been a bumpy but rewarding road. With a solid track record of learning from past experiences and excelling expectations, OutSystems’ people who were directly involved in coping with such changes will be presenting their experiences, successes and lessons learned in this event.
The agenda is the following:
10h00 AM - Product, Marketing & Sales in the Web 2.0 World - by Paulo Rosado
10h30 AM - Combining Traditional with Web 2.0 Marketing - by Mike Jones
11h15 AM - Demand Generation in the Web 2.0 World: Tips & Techniques - by Michel Ozzello
12h00 AM - Your website as a Self Educating, Self Evaluation Tool - by Carlos Alves
02h00 PM - Organizing Product Management for the Web 2.0 World - by António Melo
02h55 PM - Creating a Highly Efficient, Robust R&D Process - by Rodrigo Coutinho
The event will be hosted in partnership with Universidade Nova de Lisboa, one of the top engineering and business schools in Portugal, and you can learn more about the event and register in the OutReach website.
Looking forward to seeing you all there!
Paulo Tavares